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Miniature Spinach Pies: Fresh spinach and feta cheese wrapped in crispy filo dough.   Serves 8-10  $30.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Fresh sea scallops wrapped in maple cured bacon.           Serves 8-10 market price

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon: Ripe cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto.                           Serves 8-10 $30

Stuffed Mushrooms: Crimini mushrooms stuffed with our secret stuffing and baked to perfection.  8-10 $30

Cheese and Cracker Platter:  An array of fine cheeses accompanied by a variety of crackers.  Serves 8-10 $28

Deviled eggs: Hard boiled eggs with our delicious filling. Serves 8-10 $25

Crudites: A platter of the season't freshest vegetables accompanied  by your choice of blue cheese or ranch dip.  Serves 8-10 $25

Antipasto Platter: Marinated artichoke hearts, salami, a variety of olives, proscuitto, roasted red peppers, and sharp provolone cheese all on one platter for you to enjoy.                 Serves 8-10  $40

Caprese Salad: Cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh basil on a toothpick, served with side of balsamic reduction dip.  Serves 12-15 $30

Garden Salad: Fresh Romaine and iceburg lettuce with tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives, cucumbers and carrots.  1/2 Tray $20  Full Tray $378

Caesar Salad: Fresh romaine lettuce with croutons, shredded parmesan cheese and creamy caesar dressing.  1/2 Tray $20  Full Tray $38

-Add chicken to salads  1/2 Tray $10  Full Tray $20

Specialty Sandwich Platters

by the dozen

-$30 per dozen (finger rolls $20 dozen)

The Scovotti: Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers with tomato and balsamic viniagrette reduction.

The Godfather: Salami, soppressata, capicole, mortedella, and coppa with provolone cheese and olive oil.

Homemade Meatball Subs:  Our famous meatballs and marinara sauce with melted provolone toasted to perfection.

American: Ham, Turkey Bologna and American Cheese.

Sandwich Platters

-Sandwiches made to your liking

-Up to three varieties of sandwiches per platter

-12 sandwiches per platter

-$30 per platter

-Choose from the following

Meats: Roast beef, salami, ham, capicole, turkey, martadella, soppressata, prosciutto, chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad.

Cheeses: American, provolone, swiss, pepperjack.

Breads: Italian sub rolls, herbed focaccia bread (panini style) wheat or white wraps, finger rolls, wheat or white club bread.

Deli Platters

Scovotti's Deli Platter: Salami, prosciutto, capicole, mortedella, and coppa accompanied by provolone fresh mozzarella, swiss and arranged and ready for your personal sandwiches.

American Deli Platter: Turkey, roast beef, ham and bologna accompanied by American, swiss and pepperjack cheeses.

Picnic Salad Platter: Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, and egg salad accompanied by american and provolone cheese.

Customized Deli Platter: Choose up to three of the meats and three of the cheeses.

-All deli platter are $3.25 per person.


Lasagna: Lasagna noodles layered with seasoned beef, mozzarella cheese and our homemade tomato sauce.  1/2 Tray  $35   Full Tray  $68

Baked Macaroni: Lasagna noodles layered with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, slices of salami, capicole, pepperoni, meatballs, hard boiled eggs, and soppressata.                     1/2 Tray $48  Full Tray $93

Baked Ziti Parmesan: Ziti with ricotta cheese and herbs topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.  1/2 Tray  $30  Full Tray  $60

Stuffed Shells: Pasta shells filled with our three cheese blend and lots of herbs and spices covered with our homemade tomato sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese.                1/2 Tray  $30  Full Tray  $60

Eggplant Cassarole: Similar to our baked macaroni only we replace the lasagna noodles with crispy eggplant.  1/2 Tray  $48  Full Tray $93

Sausages with Peppers and Onions: Baked sweet italian sausage with freshly baked peppers and onions.  1/2 Tray $35  Full Tray  $70

Macaroni and Cheese: Pasta in a creamy cheese sauce topped with breadcrumbs and cooked to perfection.  1/2 Tray  $30  Full Tray  $60

Chicken Cutlet Parm: Our own breaded cutlet with our marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. 1/2 Tray $35  Full Tray $62

Eggplant Parm: Breaded eggplant with our homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella.         1/2 tray $35 Full Tray $62

BBQ Chicken Wings or breasts:  Chicken breasts or wings baked in our homemade barbeque sauce.  1/2 Tray  $40  Full Tray  $80

Pasta: Your choice of pasta in your choice of sauce.  (marinara, alfredo, garlic wine, meat sauce.)  1/2 Tray  $20  Full Tray  $38

Chicken Cacciatore: Sauteed chicken mixed with peppers, onions and mushrooms in our marinara sauce.  1/2 Tray  $38  Full Tray  $72

Chicken Broccoli: Sauteed Chicken in a garlic wine sauce with your choice of pasta with broccoli.  1/2 Tray  $38  Full Tray  $72

Shepherds pie: Season ground beef with onions, layered with corn and our homemade garlic cheddar mashed potato. Choice of side of gravy. 1/2 tray $35 Full Tray $68

Homemade Meatballs:  Our very own special recipe.  1/2 Tray  $45  Full Tray  $88

-Half Tray feeds 8-10

-Full tray feeds 18-20


-Choose your favorite flavor....if you don't see it just ask!

Cookies by the dozen: Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, gingerbread, sugar, chocolate peanut butter, italian butter cookies. and so many more   $10 per dozen

Cupcakes by the dozen: Chocolate, vanilla, lemon raspberry, root beer, chocolate peanut butter,. white chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate chip, red velvet, raspberry, strawberry, orange, carrot.    $24 per dozen

Muffins by the dozen: Blueberry, banana nut, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, pumpkin, bran.   $20 per dozen

Pies: Blueberry, apple, pumpkin, squash, chocolate pudding, banana cream, strawberry rhubarb, peach, lemon meringue, and so many more.  $15 per pie

Brownies by the dozen: our famous death by chocolate, heath bar, mint, raspberry, strawberry, Chocolate fudge, chocolate cream cheese, peanut butter, chocolate raspberry.  $18 per dozen.

CUSTOM CAKES!!! Any cake you would like for any holiday, wedding, birthday or just for fun! cakes priced to order...call for more info!